A Message from the Governor

Governor of Kochi Prefecture's picture

Kochi Prefecture is blessed with a rich and beautiful natural environment. Under the bright Pacific sun the warm Kuroshio Current brings bounty to our shores. Our mountains are covered in lush green forests, and our Shimanto River is renowned as one of Japan’s only remaining untouched waterways.

We also boast a proud tradition of nurturing great leaders and historical figures, as exemplified by political reformer Sakamoto Ryoma and former Prime Minister Yoshida Shigeru.

It is this independent and expansive tradition that has bred a citizenry renowned for being easy-going yet dependable. People from Kochi are full of ideas, and our knowledge and dynamism has given rise to a world-class agricultural and technological sector. It has also spurred a unique regional culture, spectacularly represented by the Yosakoi Dance Festival.

By harnessing our natural strengths, we can look forward to a bright future for Kochi, and all its citizens – both young and old. I hope this book will inspire you to visit Kochi!

I commend this website to everyone, and look forward to welcoming you to Kochi.

Masanao Ozaki

Governor of Kochi Prefecture

March 2008