Akiba Festival


On Feb 11th each year, a spellbinding festival unfolds amongst the tea groves of Niyodogawa Town. Locals dress in traditional garb and play ancient instruments as they weave their way up the steep tea plantations to the mountaintop shrine. The main attraction is the dance of the Torigebo. Torigebo are long poles of bamboo, at least 10m tall, with the black tail-feathers of chickens used to decorate the apex. These poles are carried vertically, and at intervals a dance ensues. The poles are hurled into the air, and then caught, all while remaining vertical. It is an impressive and beautiful display of skill.


Access Info

You need a car to visit this festival. Drive west from Kochi along route 33. Pass through the town centre of Niyodogawa, and continue for another 10 minutes. Guides will be standing near a bridge to direct you to the festival. Car parks are usually very full, so expect to walk some distance from your car to the festival.

Link (Japanese only): http://www.town.niyodogawa.lg.jp/

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