Kochi’s climate is perfect for agriculture. Mild, with high rainfall, we are one of Japan’s leading breadbaskets. Vegetables are produced mainly on the plains, and fruit and livestock in the hills. One of the unique characteristics of Kochi’s agriculture is the large number of plastic greenhouses which allow production to continue throughout the year.

Our main products include eggplant, cucumbers, garlic chives, myoga ginger, shishito peppers, melons, capsicum, spring onions, okra and fruit (citrus, nashi pear etc.)



Kochi is also at the forefront of environmentally sustainable agriculture. We are exploring methods to dramatically reduce pesticide use by taking advantage of natural predator-insects.

Flowers are another important facet of our agricultural sector. The new variety Gloriosa has won awards, and our orchids are highly prized.

Link (Japanese Only): Kochi Department of Agricultural Development