Anpanman Museum

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Kiddies don’t go neglected here in Kochi! One of Japan’s most famous children’s characters was born right here. Created by Takashi Yanase, Anpanman is - from an outsider’s perspective - a most unlikely hero. For anpanman is made of bread! And what’s more, he is filled with tasty sweet bean paste. This delicious hero fights the evil Baikin-man (Bacteria Man) and saves unfortunate souls from starvation by offering them a piece of his head! All he need do it fly back home and Uncle Jam will bake him a new one.

You can visit Anpanman and all his friends at this unique museum in Kami City.

Access Info

Take the JR train from Kochi Station to Tosa-Yamada. Transfer to a bus bound for Odochi. Get off at Anpanman Myujiamu Mae (about 25 mins).

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