Ekin Museum and Festival


The mysterious and often gruesome paintings of Ekin are on display at this small museum. Ekin was born in 1812 in Kochi City, and grew up to be one of our most famous and distinctive artists. His many paintings were commissioned as backdrops to kabuki plays – the content of which was sometimes bloody. Battles, demons and gods are the subject of his mysteriously beautiful works. It is said his paintings are best viewed in low light, which explains the dank atmosphere of this museum.

Once a year, on the 3rd weekend of July, a festival is held in Akaoka Town, Konan City to commemorate Ekin’s works. His folding screens are displayed along the evening streets of Akaoka. Each is lit by a single candle, whose flickering light only intensifies the drama of his works.

Access Info

From Kochi Station, take a train on the Gomen-Nahari Line bound for Nahari or Aki. Get off at Akaoka Station (about 30 mins). Walk away from the sea up to the main road. Cross the street and walk down into the narrow roads of Akaoka. The museum is nestled in a difficult to find location, so its best to ask a local to show you where ‘Ekin-gura’ is located.

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Link (Japanese Only): http://www.ekingura.com/