Japanese Paper Museum in Ino

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The art of papermaking has been perfected here in Kochi over the past 1000 years. Today, Kochi is proud of this long tradition, and continues to produce a significant amount of paper. Present-day paper making is centred on Ino Town, right beside Kochi City, with a large variety of paper produced. Not only does the traditional method of making paper by hand continue, but Kochi also has an important industrial paper industry.

The Japanese Paper Museum in Ino is devoted to documenting this artform, and also sells an array of beautiful paper products.

Access Info

From Kochi Station, take a tram to Harimaya-bashi (3rd stop). Transfer to the east-west line. Head west on a tram bound for Ino. Take the tram to Ino, the final stop (beware that some trams terminate before the final station). Keep walking in the same direction along a small road, until you come to a T-intersection with the main road. Turn right, and walk 100m. The museum is on the right.

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Link (Japanese only): http://www.k3.dion.ne.jp/~tosawasi/