Makino Botanical Gardens


Kochi is the home of the father of Japanese botany, Dr Tomitaro Makino. Having named around 1500 species of plants, and traveled the length of the country, Dr Makino is the unrivalled progenitor of the whole field of plant taxonomy in Japan. To honour his work, the Makino Botanical Gardens were opened in 1958. These gardens are not only delightful place to wander amongst beautiful plants, but are a serious place of research. The facility houses Dr Makino’s extensive collection of specimens and literature, and botanists continue his work in cooperation with researchers from around the world.

Access Info

On weekends and public holidays, a direct bus service is in operation from Kochi Station. Take the My-Yu Bus to Makino Shokubutsuen Seimon Mae. It takes 20mins. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Kochi station.

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