Tosa Paper


apan is well known as a centre of paper production. Kochi is one of Japan’s premier paper-making locations. Tosa-washi is the paper produced in Kochi and has a 1000-year history, with records showing that is was presented as a tribute to the emperor. Tosa-washi is known for its high quality and artistry, and this industry is still active today. The industry has diversified to now include industrial paper for use in electronics.

Link : Japanese Paper Museum in Ino

Rogier Uitenboogaart is a Tosa-Washi artist from The Netherlands who has settled in the mountains of Yusuhara Town, in western Kochi. His 'Washi Studio' is an ideal place to learn all about this fascinating artform. He speaks English, and he and his wife Chikako run a small bed and breafast. Why not stay in the mountains of Kochi, and have a hands-on experience of making Tosa Washi paper?

Link: Washi Studio