Katsuo Tataki


No one knows how to prepare the fish katsuo quite like people in Kochi. The Katsuo, or bonito, is a type of tuna caught all around Japan. But here In Kochi it is prepared into our signature dish – Katsuo Tataki. Katsuo fillets are lightly grilled over a fire fueled by straw, giving it a slightly smoky flavour. When the outer layer is seared, the fish is plunged into iced water to stop further cooking, leaving the centre raw. The fillets are cut into thick slices and served either dipped in salt, or covered in a dressing of soy-sauce and citrus, then smothered with chopped spring onions. It is always served with sliced raw garlic.


This melt-in-your-mouth delicacy is one of Japan’s best kept culinary secrets! Don’t leave Kochi without trying it!