Harimaya Bridge

Harimaya-bashi is the scene of Kochi’s most famous love-affair, and is the city’s most recognisable landmark.

In the middle of the 19th century, the monk Junshin, from Chikurin-ji Temple, fell in love with a woman named Ouma. Being a monk, this was entirely inappropriate, but Junshin was not deterred. As a token of his affection, he bought Ouma a hair-pin from a store beside Harimaya-bashi. Rumour soon spread, and Junshin was sent away.

The story of their star-crossed love is now immortalized in the lyrics of Kochi City’s Yosakoi Festival song.

Harimaya Bridge's picture

Access Info

From Kochi Station, take a tram to Harimayabashi (3rd stop). Walk back towards the station on the west side – you will need to cross a large intersection. The small bridge is just north of the intersection.

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