Hirome Beer-Hall

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Kochi’s people are known for being open, relaxed ... and big drinkers! Hirome is the ideal place to see this reputation for yourself. This hall is unique in Japan, more reminiscent of the beer-halls of Munich. Hirome is an open-plan hall with long wooden benches where revelers quench their thirst with beer and local sake and devour local specialties offered by the many restaurants surrounding the seating area.

This place is open from 8am to 11pm every day* – so you can drop by any time you like! What better evidence that Kochi people are partial to a tipple! Why not pull up a seat next to a local, order a sample from a few restaurants, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Kochi? Don’t be surprised if the locals strike up a conversation with you in their best English – Kochi people are known across Japan as one of the friendliest people you could ever hope to meet!

*Hirome closes for only about 4 days of the year. These days vary.

Access Info

From Kochi Station, take a tram to Harimaya-bashi (3rd stop) and transfer to the east-west line. Travel west and get off at Ohashi Dori (2nd stop). Walk north for 1 min and you will see an open plaza on the left. This is the entrance to Hirome.

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