Outdoors in Kochi

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Kochi is arguably the greenest corner of Japan. With 85% of our prefecture covered in forests, and a sparkling Pacific coastline, getting out and about in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to enjoy Kochi. We boast breathtaking mountains, some of Japan’s best beaches, and hundreds of kilometers of pristine rivers for canoeing and kayaking.

If you love the outdoors, Kochi has it all.

This Shikoku Ranges offer ample opportunity for hiking. The sacred peaks of Ishizuchi and Tsurugi (tecnically in neighbouring prefectures) are accessible by car from Kochi, and the backbone of the island runs right through the north part of the prefecture. You can spend days in these extensive mountains, with our relatively mild winters meaning you can experience winter hiking when other parts of Japan are under deep snow. As always, proper preparation is required.


Surfers flock from around the country to enjoy our sandy beaches and enviable breaks. Each weekend, cars with number plates from across west Japan can be seen filling car-parks near our beautiful beaches. To the east is Ikumi and Shirahama, to the west, Okitsu, Irino and Oki, as well as the Niyodogawa river mouth for advanced surfers. There are ample opportunities for swimming as well.


Canoes can be hired in Shimanto City from Canoe House Why not take a lazy paddle on the broad waters of Japan’s last pristine river?


Japan’s best rafting can be enjoyed at Oboke and Koboke Gorges on the Yoshino River – just over an hour from Kochi City. See  Happy Raft or Gekiryu Rafting (Japanese only)

Swimming beaches, some with coral reefs, are dotted all around our coastline.


Canoe-kan (Japanese only): http://www.canoekan.com/

Happy Raft: http://www.happyraft.com/en/

Gekryu Rafting (Japanese only): http://www.gekiryu.com/