公開日 2009年04月21日


Testing & research

We appropriately select research themes to meet with the needs of the industry and conduct fundamental, applied and practical researches as well as a new technology development.

Technical counseling & guidance

In order to meet with requests from the industry, we perform a technical guidance at production sites.

Request testing & equipment use

Responding to requests from the industry. we conduct various kinds of testing and analysis and issue the test result. In addition, we release our facility and equipment for those who wish to use and also support their R&D activity.

Training for technicians

We receive technicians from the industry in our facility for a fixed period and provide them with a technical guidance through a product development in accordance with the needs of the industry.

Joint research

While continuing a technological exchange with industry, school and governmental entity, we conduct a joint R&D for a new technology and a new product.

Offer of technical information

We conduct an announcement of our research result, hold a technical seminar and provide technical information in Japan and abroad through the internet and technical information journals.


高知県 商工労働部 紙産業技術センター
住所: 〒781-2128 高知県吾川郡いの町波川287番地4
電話: 088-892-2220
ファックス: 088-892-2209
メール: infokami@ken2.pref.kochi.lg.jp