What is deep seawater?

公開日 2024年01月30日

Deep seawater is found beyond the outer/edge of the continental shelf. No phytoplankton is found in in deep seawater because of the lack of sunlight,and compared with surface seawater it is significantly enriched in dissolved inorganic nutrients which are essential for growth of kelp and phytoplankton. It is said that deep seawater is cleaner than surface seawater. It has very little organic matter and few bacteria which causes the water deterioration. One of the characteristics is that the temperature of deep seawater is considerably lower than that of surface seawater,about 9.5degree at the depth of intake,and it is stable throughout the year. Therefore,it is thought that such deep seawater,for its valuable resources,possesses great properties for growth and stock enhancement of marine organisms.
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