Characteristics of deep seawater

公開日 2024年01月30日

Constant low temperature

Deep Seawater is significantly colder(by about 9.5 degree-C) than surface seawater, and the temperature changes only slightly throughout the year.


Rich in Nutrients

Compared to surface seawater,deep seawater contains more of the inorganic nutrients necessary for plant growth,including nitrogen,phosphorus and silicic acid.




Deep seawater is uncontaminated by coliform bacilli and other groundwater-bacteria. Further along with having a very low concentration of marine bacteria,deep seawater is protected from chemical pollutant found in surface air and groundwater.




Deep seawater matures over long periods,under more than 300m of water pressure.



Mineral properties

Deep seawater contains a favorable balance of essential trace elements and minerals. The breakdown of deep seawater's unique elemental concentration is becoming clearer.



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